New Dog Is Blue album, Dead and Gone

Dog Is Blue - Dead and Gone

It’s been a while, but our band Dog Is Blue is coming back with a new album, Dead and Gone, on Sept. 28th.

The cover art features a picture I’ve had in my wallet of Laura and I for about 12 years that has gone through the wash at least once.

Here’s a video for the title track that was far more difficult to shoot than I expected (and I almost set myself on fire several times):

Stan Rogers cover

This cover of Stan Rogers’ “The Idiot” was recorded while working on a soon-to-be-released Dog Is Blue album. It’s a classic Canadian folk song finished just in time for Canada Day.

As usual, the cover image is a digital illustration based on a detail from the original Northwest Passage album artwork from 1981.

Drawing the “Bearded Bandit”

A colleague at the Toronto Star asked me to do some illustrations for her story on infamous Toronto-area bank-robber, the “Bearded Bandit.” Fun fact: he robbed the bank I used as a kid.

The result was 3 quick illustrations based on court documents: some items police found in his possession, him getting into his truck and emerging dressed as an old man, and a few of his described disguises. They almost make a coherent single page:

And for fun, here’s a GIF:

High school art

Words can't do this image justice

It’s pretty obvious that my life peaked at 16 when I drew this shirtless, winged, motorcycle-riding, lightning-eyed man for my high school art class. At about 18×24″ and all pencil crayon, the original is a spectacle. If anyone has a van and an airbrush, let me know.

Blanding’s turtle versus the wind turbines

How the Blanding’s turtle took on wind turbines in Prince Edward County cover

A couple months back I was asked to draw cartoon turtles for a Toronto Star children’s book by Jim Coyle explaining how the Blanding’s turtle took on wind turbines in Prince Edward County. Sometimes life is good.

All the drawings were done on my Surface Pro 3 using Sketchbook Pro over a few too many all-nighters. Here’s a process sketch used to work out the individual pages:

How the Blanding’s turtle took on wind turbines in Prince Edward County thumbnail sketches