Blanding’s turtle versus the wind turbines

How the Blanding’s turtle took on wind turbines in Prince Edward County cover

A couple months back I was asked to draw cartoon turtles for a Toronto Star children’s book by Jim Coyle explaining how the Blanding’s turtle took on wind turbines in Prince Edward County. Sometimes life is good.

All the drawings were done on my Surface Pro 3 using Sketchbook Pro over a few too many all-nighters. Here’s a process sketch used to work out the individual pages:

How the Blanding’s turtle took on wind turbines in Prince Edward County thumbnail sketches

Dancing Super Bowl shark

Dancing Super Bowl Shark

Every Sunday for the past few months I’ve been drawing something sea creature related for a collaborative Tumblr, appropriately called Sunday Sea Creatures.

I was having a tough time coming up with an idea this week, until I happened to turn on the Super Bowl just in time for Katy Perry half-time show featuring none other than dancing sharks. I had too much fun with this one not to post it here too.

Acoustic Temptations cover

I recently found this old acoustic recording of The Temptations’ “Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)” on an old hard drive. The vocals aren’t perfect, the lyrics aren’t always even right and the guitar could use work, but that never stopped me from uploading to Soundcloud before.

As usual, the cover image is a digital illustration based on a detail of the original album cover, in this case 1971’s The Sky’s The Limit.

Dog Is Blue - Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me) Temptations cover

Can you spot the bird? My initial idea was photoshopping pictures of myself in similar outfits and poses over that cloud-scape, so you’re welcome.

The Temptations - The Sky's The Limit

Replacements cover

Every now and then Laura Heaney and I try to get off our butts and actually record something as Dog Is Blue. This time it was a cover of one of our favourite songs, The Replacements’ “Can’t Hardly Wait.”

Here’s a drawing I did for the cover, based on the original album art for Please To Meet Me. Drawn in Sketchbook Pro on my Surface, it was then imported into Photoshop for some texture and pattern editing. The goal was to make it fit with the cover art for our Version of JJ Cale’s “Call The Doctor.”

Pleased To Meet Me cover drawing