Hand-painted custom reverb guitar pedal

Custom painted reverb pedal

It’s been a while since I had time to do any extracurricular art projects, so this site has languished a bit. That said, I’ve been building a bunch of guitar pedals lately and tried my hand at giving the latest one a custom paint job. In this case, it’s the Rub-a-dub reverb circuit by 1776 Effects for my ever-touring pal Jenny Omnichord.

I started with a powder-coated enclosure from Mammoth Electronics, then went nuts with a bit of graffiti spray paint, and finally hand-painted the foreground (bird, etc.) using acrylic paint. The result is an awesome sounding reverb pedal with a bit more character than the usual pedal.

Here are the guts where you can see the Belton BDTR-2 reverb brick in all its glory:

Custom painted reverb pedal guts