Photoshop nonsense: Mark Carney as a rock star

Mark Carney/Rock Stars

After toiling away for weeks of no-lunches and late-nights building a massive story on last year’s Elliot Lake mall collapse for Maclean’s (they provided the content, I just hacked it all together) I needed a bit of downtime. Thankfully, while somedays my job consists of boring code and meetings, other times I get paid to photoshop Mark Carney’s face on the bodies of rock stars…

This was all done for a Canadian Business story by Don Sutton on Carney moving to the UK, but only the Bowie image above was used, as it was the only one that worked well when using CSS to transition Canada’s former banker-extraordinaire into the wonderfully garish and iconic Alladin Sane (Hover over the Carney image on that article to see the mighty morphing magic).

Of course, I had too much fun making these images to let them go unseen (especially the Winehouse one–not for the faint of heart), so here are the others:

David Bowie

Mark Carney/David Bowie

Mick Jagger & Keith Richards

Mark Carney/Rolling Stones

Jimi Hendrix (this one didn’t work so well in my opinion, as it could be any classic rock guitarist with a fro).

Mark Carney/Jimi Hendrix

Amy Winehouse (you can’t unsee this, so only scroll down if your nightmares are running low on material)

Mark Carney/Amy Winehouse