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Cartoon of a 10-Year-Old Martian

Here’s a quick drawing of a 10-year-old martian I did for my colleague, Julia, as her mannerisms are 100% that of an alien child trying to pretend she’s a human adult. I drew this on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in Layer Paint, but then went a bit too crazy with textures in Photoshop. I […]

Comic: Yard Work

I actually enjoy yard work more than this strip might indicate–As a new homeowner it’s hard not to be obsessed about the green-ness of my grass (grow, damn you!)–but it’s always fun to poke holes in the ‘good life.’

Wednesday girl

Wednesday may look tired, but she might just beat your ass. This quick coffee shop drawing was a reaction to missing Tuesday. I wanted to try something with quick, gestural strokes that I could sketch and post fast.