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Batman vs. Bane

This is a re-post from the old 100 Days of Batman tumblr site from last fall, but I just saw The Dark Knight Rises and felt it was appropriate. Maybe it’s my man-crush on Tom Hardy, but Bane was absolutely fantastic in Nolan’s latest Batman flick (that is, until *spoiler alert* they flipped the script […]

Moving Rules: Packing

We moved this weekend and, while it wasn’t perfect, I think we managed to abide by the more important rules of asking friends to help. I can’t think of a bigger annoyance than when you’re asked to move, but show up and nothing is even packed. Get it together, jerks. I had fun with the […]

Fatherly Advice On Vinyl

It’s a twofer today, as I couldn’t decide which of these two “fatherly advice on vinyl” comic strips was better. That’s your job! Do me a favour and vote in the poll below for the strip you think is best. Here’s the first: Bonus points if you can name all the album covers in these […]

Batman vs. The Avengers

What do today’s top Hollywood-savvy superhero franchises do when they get together for the pre-requisite cross-company rumble? Play in their piles of money, of course! This inaugural Batman vs The Avengers comic took a lot longer to draw then I had hoped, but that’s what I get for letting myself get rusty. Just like 90% […]