Even More Paintings: Stripes!

Stripes 4, 5 & 6 hanging at Broadview Espresso

After having my fill of painted skulls and cartoon vehicles, I decided to let loose with the spray paint. The Result was a series of abstract paintings built wholly on splashes and stripes of colour.

Currently also showing at Broadview Espresso until the end of the month, these stripes are joined to the skulls and vehicles by their size and palette, but the lack of discrete subject matter makes for a looser contemplative experience (or a passing “meh,” if abstracts aren’t your thing—my dad saw the movie Pollock once and has since decided all abstract artists are alcoholics).

There’s something so cathartic about letting loose with wild splashes of colour. Maybe next time I’ll try bigger than 8×8 inches.

Stripes #4

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