More Paintings: Rocket Ship, Submarine and Scooter

Rocket Ship, 8x8" Mixed media on canvas, Paul Watson, 2012Just in case you were worried all I did was paint colourful skulls and draw Batman all day, here’s another series of small paintings from my current show at Broadview Espresso.

Like the skulls, these 8×8″ paintings were done on gallery canvas using a base of acrylic spray with hand-painted illustration overtop. I had initially done sketches of other vehicles, like hot air balloons and biplanes, but I’ve apparently got the attention span of a hopped-up goldfish, so I moved on to abstract experiments (that I’ll be posting about next).

Suffice to say I’ve had to field my share of “Yellow Submarine” questions. I really wanted to paint that a different colour, but it just fit the best. Whatever the case, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my coming 30th birthday by painting rocket ships and the like…

Submarine, 8x8" Mixed media on canvas, Paul Watson, 2012Scooter, 8x8" Mixed media on canvas, Paul Watson, 2012

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