More Paintings at Broadview Espresso

Paintings hanging at Broadview Espresso
My show at Broadview Espresso is ending tomorrow (being replaced by the work of my jaw-droppingly talented wife, Laura Heaney), so here are a few more photos of some stripes, swirls and cartoons. Lots of these are still available, so get in touch if you’re interested (email: paul @

Paintings hanging at Broadview Espresso

I had also been meaning to post the artist statement for this show at some point, so better late than never:

Paul Watson

…is a grown up. I swear. He’s actually turning the ripe ol’ age of 30 this very month, in fact. In honour of that milestone he’s been hard at work on some of the most colourful, and at times childlike, paintings of his illustrious career.

Having spent the last year entranced by the impermanence of digital illustration (which culminated in last year’s 100 Days of Batman series), Watson is eager to return to physical media. Working predominantly with acrylic spray paint on canvas, he is enamoured with the immediacy and permanence of letting a bright colour loose. The resulting cacophony of gradients and splatters becomes the explosive backdrop for his illustrative tendencies.

There is no eraser, no undo button, as he coaxes the spray cans to bubble and spatter—leaving his hands and walls covered for days after—leaving deliberate bursts of colour that combine in brazen compositions only an inner-child could allow.

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